Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creative Enlightenment, 101

My hair is growing back, though a bit more slowly on top, and baby-fine! I asked my friend to take pics of me this weekend. This is just one of a few nice shots she got.

I continue to follow the ebb and flow of my 3-week chemo schedule. I’m about mid-way through, feeling pretty decent, and knowing I’ll be feeling better as I approach my next treatment. It’s just wonderful to have my energy back—-to have time to feather the nest AND indulge in creativity. All the better, as I excitedly await the arrival of my older daughter, and her family, including my 2 granddaughters. Since they all live in Hawaii, I only get to see them twice a year. Yes-yes--I know, "Hawaii is a great place to visit family", but I’d rather be able to see my granddaughters every week!

Creatively, (and otherwise) I tend to work on multiple projects at each sitting, doing one step on one project, setting it aside and picking up another, and another. (It’s part of my personal “style” in other areas, and maybe not very productive!) Dream Garden was a project I started months ago, and it wasn’t working for me. After enjoying the effects of adding a MUCH larger image bit to “Pet Your Sunflowers”, I tried the same approach by adding the magazine cut-out of pink flowers flowing from the top. It helped immensely, but I was ready to move on. I’ve committed myself to posting my progressive work on my blog, so after adding a little verse to the piece, I pronounce it “complete” and am ready to turn the page of my journal.

Sleepless in Del Dios” was also started months ago when I was having nightly sleep issues. It started with doodling on black gesso, where it languished for many weeks, as I looked at the project and found NOTHING else to inspire, until I found an ad for a prescription sleep aid. Then-more waiting for inspiration, until I found the shimmering flower image from a card I’d received, followed by the tissue. Again, I consider this more of a learning experience (as in “a page of the same doodle is more cohesive than a bunch of random ones”).

I’ve wanted to delve more into digital art and use my scanner. I was THRILLED when I bought my HP ScanJet for a dollar at a local garage sale, but then found I was disappointed with the image quality when scanning 300 dpi JPEGs. While reviewing a 2005 issue of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” (anyone else find inspiration in that publication?) I found the recommendation to scan images in as 600 dpi .tif files.

What an improvement! So now, instead of photographing my work, I’m scanning it in! AND I went back to a reference book from my Photoshop class to straighten out one of the images that had scanned crookedly! AND, while I was reviewing my class notes, I also experimented with creating a line drawing from a photographic image. Oh, yeah, AND I learned how to use my images in text to create my new banner (above: “HalfRaven.”) I am obviously easily pleased, and sense that I’ll be testing out many new techniques for working with my photos and scanned images.

I stumbled upon this link a couple of weeks back. The artist’s name is Ben Heine, and he calls his work “Pencil vs. Camera.” I’ve NEVER seen anything like this, and I sure wish I was talented enough with pen or pencil to try and emulate it, but I DO find it inspiring. I know you will too!

"There is not one blade of grass, there is not one color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice" John Calvin


  1. I like your "Sleepless In Del Dios "project. Like how your pieces come together when they're just plain ready- they wait patiently for their finishing touches. The Ben Heine stuff is mind boggling! My favorites are the cat,(Made me woozy!)and the wrinkled sun (I like anything Sunny) and the hole-in-the-middle. Wish I was more computer literate. Guess I need to take some classes. Nice Hug- Sunny

  2. Hey! I really like those flowers. Aren't those the ones that smell really sweet?

  3. Enjoy those grandchildren! Sending you lots of ALOHA! Tamera :)

  4. Sunny, glad you checked out Ben Heine's site...he's really thinking outside the box!
    Yup, sis...those are the flowers!
    Grandkids, grandkids, OH BOY!!

  5. Your new banner is great and I love Dream Garden! I like the other as well, did you know you were this talented? I read Cloth, Paper, Scissors whenever I can, as well as the Somerset Publications. They make me crazy with inspiration! lol Good to see you up and about and making art!

  6. Okay, now isn't time you start thinking about making an art piece for the office? We're starting to feel a bit left-out over here...

  7. I am truly a colour junkie, ao am loving your blog. Sleepless in Del Dios looks a bit aboriginal - I see no lack of cohesion at all! And the sun on those lilies - I can just feel the warmth, perfect shot!

  8. Pritty....and i like you photo of the flowers!

  9. Linda, your artwork (and photos) are beautiful. I'm glad you wrote on my blog so I could discover yours.

    I envy (in a good way) your generally positive outlook.



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