Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creative pursuits

I THINK this will be a relatively quick post (given that it’s ME who’s writing. Who knows, my fingers seem to have a life of their own.)

Having time off in between chemo treatments has afforded me a chance to pursue some new creative pursuits. I’ve been musically inclined for years, but will admit to laziness about pursuing mastery of instruments. I’ve got a half-way decent voice, and performed for a number of years, but it was too much work. I've exercised well-received efforts in song-writing, but it’s hard to go anywhere with it without backing myself up on an instrument (other than the kazoo.)

I love color, and have been told I have an unusual color sense. (Sometimes, the word “unusual” covers an effort to be polite…I’ll choose to take it otherwise.) A friend and several magazine articles turned me on to art journaling, and one thing has led to another, as I’ve dipped my creative toes into drawing, painting with acrylics, and other mixed media efforts.

These are newborn efforts of maybe 2-3 months, and sharing these publicly is kinda scary, but one of my recent projects (while in Hawaii) was focused on setting aside fear as it relates to creative experimentation. It’s hard, as the perfectionist in my lays out obstacles before I even try! Dumb! So, tho’ I sat down to share another image, I’ll share my “Fear Has NO Place” journal page first. The story is that I’ve wanted to experiment with drawing faces, but wouldn’t try because I didn’t want to deal with the anticipated first failures. So, YES, the gal in the image looks like she has a moustache, but that unfortunately is reality for many of us anyway! I also found that I was being too damn prissy about not getting paint, ink and art mediums on my fingers, so that’s another of the fears listed. I’m not sure that the page is done, but it’s fine for now. (Big step, Linda!)

The other image is one I’m very happy with. I call it “Postcard from a Yard.” I started by creating a background using gel transfer of a photo I took of an iris. (If you see text out of place in my blog, I’m doing battle with Argentine ants…you don’t EVEN want to hear the words running around in my HEAD!) Anyway, I also used a photo my hubby took in Hawaii (he didn’t know he’d captured a beautiful spider web!), an image from a magazine, gauze from the medicine chest, and a free-be art paper (the postcard.) Added a bit of acrylic paint and some ink…and voila. I think this one is done!

Now, I’m on a roll, and had to play around with a photo of my lovely head (I changed my profile pic). OK, Linda, do some housework. (I HAVE been in bed for 4 days, and DO have some catchin’ up to do!)


  1. Keep up the art! Yay! You go, girl! I need to get into some hands on art too. I do photography, but that's about the limit these days. Gardening is great therapy and brings me lots of joy too. But there is nothing like textiles to really get me enthused. Just have to make time!
    Love, Anne

  2. LOve, love, love it!!!!! I will be coming into town thursday for 10 days and would love to see some in person!

    Mary Jo

  3. I think you can quit your day job and move into this artistic realm! If my dream came true I'd have my little coffee house/book store and you could come in and serenade and show your work!

  4. Ooooh, Mrs. B! I'd better get a few more pieces done, and I'll use your comment as inspiration!

  5. Linda, I'm loving the new artsy thing. Nice use of color and mixed media! And by the way, stop driving on my road! See you soon...

  6. I like your new profile picture, you look so happy! Way to go, for starting the art journalling, and for showing us, they're terrific. I'll bet you find it cathartic, as do I. And it's nice to hear someone else is struggling with the new blogspot regimen. I don't feel quite so stupid now.

  7. I like the postcard, I think it's coolgroovytexturedish.
    I don't know what it was exactly about the journal page that affected me so deeply. I think it was that it is So Freakin' Hard to let go of that fear of not being a Real Artist or not being Good Enough.
    Who the hell says when we are good enough?
    My point is that I liked the journal page.
    My pointier point is that I am so grateful that you shared it.

  8. Ahhh, thanks, Amy. It's funny, I don't really think the "Fear" piece is much, artistically, but you aren't the first artist to say it was the piece that spoke to them.
    To answer your question: It was I who was laying down all these obstacles for myself, and now I hope to keep that path cleared!


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