Monday, April 18, 2011


Time to tap out a few notes, since friends are writing to ask if I’m OK. Hey, I’m just trying to be a good girl, stay on track, keep my life in balance and stay active, instead of unfolding myself from my chair after I discover that 4 hours have passed while I am web-wandering.

OK, I’ll let myself indulge periodically, as with the Photoshop lessons I’ve been toying with, but that’s really about education, right? Don't I look more scholarly?

The quick answer to the question of how I am is “Fine,” but it’s been a long dang year, this one. To call this daily pain & distress that I’ve been experiencing for 4 months INDIGESTION, just doesn’t feel accurate. It’s frustrating to have hours eaten up by The Daily Dyspepsia as I try to find comfort in the recliner, especially since I’ve given up foods I love (and which I know are good for me) to try and maintain some sense of comfort.

Try to imagine eating like this for 4 months: NO onions, garlic, tomatoes, citrus, caffeine (including green tea) or bananas. That means NO Mexican or Italian food, and where do you get soup that isn’t made with onions and/or garlic? (Who would want to eat THAT?) Potlucks are no fun, and it’s pretty much impossible to meet anyone out for meals or eat at their homes. It might be more worth it, if this eliminated my symptoms, but that is not the case.

At my doctor’s recommendation, I’ve tried numerous treatments and prescriptions to combat the pain, which has only gotten worse, AND caused me to skip too many meals, loosing additional weight. The size 2 jeans I had to buy a few months back are now baggy. None of the 3 meds I’ve been taking can be taken together, and they are supposed to be taken an hour before and 2 hours after meals, so I’ve set up spreadsheets and timers beginning at 6 am to tell me when to take meds and when it’s ok to eat.

The culprit for this issue is evidently the Tarceva pill I take…one of 3 chemo treatments I’m on now. I get the other 2 meds via my port, weekly.

After reading about the side effects from Tarceva, I was concerned, but my doc felt combining chemos was the best approach, even tho’ it has meant fighting a losing battle with my insurance company. This combination treatment is NOT FDA approved…in fact: published data states that Tarceva should NOT be combined with other meds, but my doc says that’s based on OLD studies. After 4 appeals, my insurance company’s FINAL answer to covering this combination treatment is “NO.” However, we have managed to get support from the pharmaceutical companies, and so I can continue taking (enduring?) this treatment.

I know you’all love me, but I ask that you not to join the gripe-group ready to take aim at the insurance company. My personal feeling is that our culture has come to feel that insurance companies should pay for any and all treatment, even if there is insufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness without doubt. YES…I got a scan that showed that SOMETHING is going right…but I have no way of knowing whether it’s one of the meds, 2 of them, or all 3. I’ve told my friends that I want to trust that what should happen, will, and if I need to discontinue some part of this treatment, it’s because that’s how it’s supposed to happen.

What I’ve found is that this combination has caused me increasing pain and the loss of valuable weight and stamina.

Even worse: I discovered this week that patients who are on the combination of Tarceva and a “taxane-based” chemo (which I am) are at increased risk for gastrointestinal perforation…including fatalities.” (Emphasis mine.) I already knew that there was a chance of gastrointestinal perforation with Tarceva use, but had somehow never stumbled on the issue of elevated risk for this combination therapy…and my oncologist had never mentioned it.

I discovered this after my husband questioned whether I could be getting an ulcer. I had been awakened by pain at 2:00 AM, and managed to get only minor relief by the morning. Dinner and breakfast portions were tiny, as I could not comfortably eat.

I called my oncologist, and the upshot is that I am taking a break from the Tarceva. I thought it would take me a week or 2 to get my gut to settle down, but within 2 days, I’d seen substantial improvement. Today is Monday…I took my last Tarceva pill last Wednesday…and last night I ate tacos (with salsa and my garlic-laced Spanish Rice.) I had more Mexican food for breakfast. Heavenly! Oh, and I’ve been able to cut back on the meds I’ve been taking for stomach upset. I hadn’t realized just how stressful it had been to have the timer going off all day to tell me when to stick something in my mouth, until I didn’t have to do that!!

But, now, I need to make a serious decision. The doc wants to talk after one week off the Tarceva to see whether to go back on it at a reduced dose (25 mg. instead of 50 mg. which I’ve been taking.) My original dose was 150 mg., but we’ve had to reduce the dose due to side effects, and it seems that STILL hasn’t been enough. I’m confused, and have no idea as to the best plan of attack.

I’m scared to go back on the Tarceva at all…a gastrointestinal perforation normally comes on suddenly…dang…I don’t want the chemo to kill me! But my doctor thinks this might be the best shot at getting the cancer. Since it’s a non-standard treatment, I’m not finding much in the way of data to help in the decision-making process.

I don’t want to be driven by impatience at wanting to get back to eating normal food. It’s not just childish selfishness that causes me to want to stamp my feet when I want to eat what others are eating, but there’s a bit of that there. but then again: Is my digestive tract trying to warn me?

So send out some “good decision” vibes…I’ll need them!

I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll close with a few images. One thing my cancer has given me is time to join hands with my muse. I’ve previously been too impatient to want to practice sketching…I want to be good at it without trying. You must wonder what kind of example I set for my daughters…

So, I’m trying, and still learning…and am led to believe that practice might NOT be so painful, after all.


  1. I cannot imagine what you are going through. You are a fighter, that is for sure. I will keep you in my prayers. Love always, Jenna

  2. Sending you love and tons of good decision making vibes! xo

  3. Wow Linda! I couldn't imagine not eating my favorite foods. I think I'd be a b!!!! But I know the angel you are and I'm sure you weren't at all cranky about it :) Thanks for the updates. I think about you often. Size 2 baggy...really? that means I could probably pick you up and throw you with one arm. I say EAT MEXICAN for breakfast lunch and dinner while you can, pasta too with lots of bread and butter (can you tell that's my favorite part?). Gain some weight and strength now before going back on that damn pill! Love and hugs! Stay strong. And I'm here if you want me to bring you a breakfast burrito anytime!

  4. Love the morning glory background. One of my favorite flowers! Well Linda, all I can say is- eat like there's no tomorrow until you have to perhaps decide to take the Tarceva yet again. (How does one make such decisions!) Food is such a big deal. It nourishes. It tastes good. It provides fuel. And it comforts. I can relate, (just a bit) since I am on the same diet, because of my voice issues. The doc doesn't want any acid in my diet to prevent possible injury to my hopefully-maybe?- healing vocal cords. Being a vegan on top of that pretty much whittles me down to zip. BORING! Would it be possible for you to gain 10 lbs a week? You gotta get back to a fighten' weight! Don't want you going into these battles at sz -0!!! Gentle hug for you. Sunny

  5. Hello Woman! Can't wait to sit and chat with you. Your blog is helping to keep up with your progress, just miss the voice behind the words!!
    I have a fantastic "grandma" tidepool picked out and standing by for your visit. We can lounge around and watch the girls play. You continue to be an inspiration to all of us. We love you dearly!!
    The utha grandmutha....xoxoxo

  6. Old friend
    I agree you are a fighter. Sending you positive energy and lots of love...

  7. Hi Linda, I love reading your blog, and love your humor and insight! This is a tough one; maybe try the decreased dose and see what your gut tells you (literally!). I love your drawings! I miss you,
    love, Lori

  8. If I could eat Mexican Food right now I would be a happy camper! ENJOY! My Dr put me on the same diet restrictions for this voice (vocal cord) issue, and along with being a vegan, bland and boring is all that's left! So, eat my dear, to your hearts content, and get some weight on those bones so you can fight the next battle, should you opt to do more Tarceva. I wouldn't know how to decide. Eating is so crucial to well-being. It fortifies us and fills us up, and gives us strength, and vitality. How can you fight cancer if you can't eat? This sucks. Miss you when you"re quiet. Always good to "see" you out, if only for a moment. gentle hug- Sunny

  9. Hey Linda, you have totally cured me of whining about the gastric side effects I got from Fosomax. So thanks for that... i love your blog, even though it's impossible to truly grok the depth of your journey. i'll be thinking of you with every clove of garlic i toss so frivolously into the pot, oven, cuisinart... lots love and aloha, mimi

  10. That first pic of you and the silhoutte is wonderful! As are you other art pieces, of course. And I AM sending good decision-vibes your way, Can you feel them? They should be there any minute.

  11. Whoohoo for tacos!!! I'm loving the scketches Linda. The beauty about scketching is that (I feel) they are never supposed to be perfect. Sloppy is good (in my mind :)I love them! Keep fighting the good fight and stay creative.
    Thoughts and Prayers.

  12. You are beautiful, your drawings are beautiful, you are beautiful (did I say that already?) Claudia

  13. Hey Linda...good to get the update as I think of you daily and wonder how you are. So glad you got to have some "tasty" food for a change. Heavenly for sure! Mexican is one of my favs. :) I can see you savoring every bite! You have such an incredible gift at writing. Have you ever thought of writing a book? I would be your first groupie. :) Just want you to know you are amazing and I cherish reading every word you share. Love you dear friend....jami

  14. Linda,
    You are simply amazing. Trust that you will make the decision that is best for you. And in the mean time, I say, eat some more tacos! :) Keep up the art work...all art is valuable. Much love, Gina


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