Monday, November 29, 2010

Blarf: Dear B of A

I'm frustrated, and don't feel like spending time on B of A's chat to get what SHOULD be a simple, logical answer. I'll bet I'm not the only one asking this question:

Dear B of A rep...I thought I'd easily get an answer by calling your "Customer Service" line with what I thought would be a simple question, followed by a straightforward answer.

THAT was NOT to be, as I've hung up, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes. I'm not up to going through your chat, as my experience with various "customer service" chats supports the idea that doing so on your site would only DOUBLE my frustration as I try to dialog with a rep having probably 20 other "conversations" at the same time.

Question: Do I REALLY have to set up my Bank of America credit card as a "Pay To" account on your site?!

I'm logged in, I can see my account balance and transactions on YOUR site, and I'm being prompted to enter my credit card number TWICE?!

Do you really not provide a link from my credit card statement to simply pay you? I'd think that since credit card companies encourage us to go paperless, they'd make the process EASY. But I guess I'll be providing you with some good old-fashioned paperwork to process when you get my stub and check...that's OK...those checks were getting dusty, anyway.

Signed, Valued Customer "Thank you for holding"


  1. First it made my day to see that you're back and then it made my day even better to see that you are full of piss and vinegar. Looking good, Linda!

  2. Hi Linda, I just stopped over to say Merry Christmas and I hope you're well.


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